Join Our Virtual Social!

In the spirit of innovation, adaptation, and support, we invite you to join our first Virtual Social!

Covid-19 has required all of us to rethink and restructure our organizational lives, and NCIOP is no different. It certainly feels like meeting fatigue has reached unprecedented levels, especially when working from home. At the same time, social distancing has made it more difficult for many students, practitioners, and academics to engage with supportive professional communities. 

In order to better serve our members’ needs, we are hosting a Virtual Social in lieu of our Fall Semi-Annual Meeting. 


During the Social, we will discuss officer transitions, new directions in NCIOP, and opportunities for our members to engage with our network. Afterwards, we will break out into groups for networking and team I/O Trivia.

The event will run from 9:00AM – 10:30AM on Friday, November 13th. It will be hosted via Zoom. Although we are not charging admission, we ask that members RSVP so that we can create balanced break-out groups and distribute links as necessary.

We look forward to seeing you!